There Goes Ted Williams

There Goes Ted Williams Author Matt Tavares
ISBN-10 9780763627898
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 40
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Profiles the iconic baseball hitter, including his rigorous practice schedule as a youth, military service in two wars, and stellar career that led to an unmatched season in 1941.

Ted Williams and Friends

Ted Williams and Friends Author Dick Trust
ISBN-10 9781439650547
Release 2015-03-23
Pages 96
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Ted Williams capped a storybook baseball career with a storybook ending, hitting a home run in his last at bat in the major leagues. That blast, on a dreary September 28, 1960, at Boston's Fenway Park, ushered in a post-playing career during which the Red Sox legend would become a first-ballot Hall of Famer just six years later. During his retirement, he maintained his longtime active assistance of the Jimmy Fund in its fight against cancer, encouraged youngsters at his Ted Williams Baseball Camp, and coached current and future big leaguers in Red Sox spring training. In 1969, he was named American League Manager of the Year; in 1991, he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from George H.W. Bush; and in 1995, a Boston tunnel was dedicated in his honor. In one of his last appearances, Ted joined fellow nominees for baseball's All-Century Team at the 1999 All-Star Game at Fenway Park--creating an iconic, lasting image of the man known as "The Kid," the "Splendid Splinter," and "Teddy Ballgame."

Ted Williams

Ted Williams Author Lawrence Baldassaro
ISBN-10 155553550X
Release 2003
Pages 250
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A fresh account of William's life highlights the sports hero, war veteran, and activist who will be remembered as one of the greatest hitters in the game. (Sports & Recreation)

Ted Williams

Ted Williams Author Boston Herald
ISBN-10 1582615861
Release 2002-01
Pages 96
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Ted Williams will always be remembered as the greatest hitter who ever lived, which is exactly as Ted wanted it. Ted Williams: Remembering the Splendid Splinter is a poignant tribute to the man who, in life, dazzled fans with his powerful hitting and his quest for perfection and, in death, will always live on in our hearts as The Kid, Teddy Ballgame, The Splendid Splinter.

The Kid

The Kid Author Bill Nowlin
ISBN-10 1579400949
Release 2005
Pages 359
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Ted Williams was a giant of a man, the likes of whom America may never see again. Enshrined in Cooperstown in 1966, in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Ted Williams was also the first living athlete to be honored with his own Museum - the Ted Williams Museum and Hitter's Hall of Fame.

Der Engelsturm

Der Engelsturm Author Tad Williams
ISBN-10 359613076X
Release 1996
Pages 892
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Der Engelsturm has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der Engelsturm also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der Engelsturm book for free.

Right on the Numbers

Right on the Numbers Author Nino Frostino
ISBN-10 9781412033053
Release 2004
Pages 285
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The basic subject of the book is to justify which athlete was the Greatest to ever wear a particular number. In my research, I listed all of the possible uniform numbers 0 to 99, took the finest athletes from the four major sports (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey), and slotted them under their appropriate uniform number. For each player, I created a mini-biography detailing their finest exploits on the field-whether it was All Star nods, championships won, records held, on-field highlights etc. Basically, I created a "case" for that athlete to be considered the best to ever wear the number. Among the possible uniform numbers, I've listed nearly 850 athletes for consideration and provided the accompanying biography. At the end of eahc section, I form a debate as to the Greatest to ever wear the number and then make a selection. After the selection is posted, I then list some quotes made by or about the athlete for the reader to gain even more insight into the player. Even if the reader is not overly concerned about the choice as to the Greatest under each uniform number, the book also serves as a wonderful reference guide. If the reader is interested in finding out more about any of the listed athletes, it's easy to look up the player and find out who he played for and what he did between the white lines. In either cae, Right On the Numbers serves multiple uses and is a must have for any true sports fan.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams Author Ronald A. Reis
ISBN-10 9781438100586
Release 2009-01-01
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As a 19-year-old heading east to play for the Boston Red Sox, Ted Williams could be heard muttering over and over again, All I want out of life is when I walk down the street, folks will say, 'There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived.' Through a tumultuous, boisterous career that touched four decades, Williams worked tirelessly to perfect the science of hitting and accomplish his goal. Two-time winner of the Triple Crown, Williams hit an astonishing.406 in his 1941 season, a record that stands to this day. During his last ballpark appearance at the 1999 All-Star game, 80-year-old Teddy Ballgame achieved his childhood dream. In Ted Williams, discover how this Red Sox slugger was not only a superb ballplayer, but also a world-class fisherman and a fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War.

The Power of Patience

The Power of Patience Author M. J. Ryan
ISBN-10 9781609258368
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 224
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". . .proves that the ability to be patient is the mark of wisdom as well as the cause for happiness, and offers straightforward, believable instructions for developing that ability." —Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job It has become the norm in our everyday busy lives: we expect everything to happen instantaneously and become instantly aggravated when it doesn’t. The result is that we can feel frantic and rushed, stressed and unhappy nearly all the time. Not to mention how the people around us feel. In The Power of Patience, M. J. Ryan teaches us how to slow the rush and reclaim the forgotten virtue of patience on a daily basis. She shows how doing so allows us to make better decisions and to feel better about ourselves every day. As a co-creator of the bestselling Random Acts of Kindness books, and author of Attitudes of Gratitude, M.J. Ryan discovered that the classic virtues have enduring power to bring light and love into our lives. With The Power of Patience, she shares what she has learned about the gifts that this old-fashioned quality can bestow, the attitudes that foster a patient outlook, and the practical tools that help us to respond patiently in any given moment. The Power of Patience calls on us to reclaim our time, our priorities, and our ability to respond to life with a firmly grounded sense of who we are. It is the best gift, we soon learn, that we can give ourselves.

101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out

101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out Author Josh Pahigian
ISBN-10 9781493016471
Release 2015-02-10
Pages 256
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A brand new edition of the finalist for the 2008 Casey Award, presented annually to the best baseball book, 101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out profiles America’s greatest baseball museums, shrines, sports bars, pop culture landmarks and ballpark sites. From sandlots and skyboxes to TV rooms and sports bars, America’s love for baseball has inspired countless memories, discussions, and tributes. Josh Pahigian takes us across America to explore the places where the game’s history, culture, and lore come to life. Whether we travel by car or sit in the comfort of our favorite armchair, the book guides us to 101 amazing baseball places—including Ted Williams’ boyhood home, the Field of Dreams movie site, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Chicago bar where the Cubs’ “Curse of the Billy Goat” was born, Babe Ruth’s grave, and scores of other captivating landmarks and curios. Replacing the now-extinct sites from the previous edition, updating entries for attractions that have moved, re-assigning coveted chapters to more inspiring baseball venues that have since opened, and including stunning color photos for nearly all of them, Josh Pahigian has created the perfect gift for any baseball fan.

No Easy Way

No Easy Way Author Fred Bowen
ISBN-10 9781101642665
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 32
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Ted Williams hit .406 for the season in 1941? a feat not matched since. In this inspirational picture book, authentic sportswriting and rich, classic illustrations bring to life the truly spectacular story of the Red Sox legend, whose hard work and perseverance make him the perfect role model for baseball enthusiasts of all ages.

The Washington Senators 1901 1971

The Washington Senators  1901 1971 Author Tom Deveaux
ISBN-10 9780786450176
Release 2001
Pages 282
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The Washington Senators have a special place in baseball history as one of the most unsuccessful teams ever to play the game. The Nats (as headline writers had dubbed them by midcentury) got their start in 1901 thanks to Byron Bancroft ""Ban"" Johnson and endured 71 up-and-down seasons in the American League, which was created at the same time as the Washington ballclub. This huge work exhaustively chronicles the capricious history of the Washington Senators from the beginning to the end in 1971, with detailed information on the management and players who kept the organization going in good an.

The 50 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History

The 50 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History Author Robert W. Cohen
ISBN-10 9781608933105
Release 2014-11-07
Pages 384
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The Boston Red Sox are one of the most iconic baseball teams, representing not just a city or a state, but an entire region—it’s the only professional baseball team in New England. Baseball greats such as Cy Young and Babe Ruth wore the uniform early in their careers and many other players, including Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, Carl Yastrzemski, Pedro Martinez, and Johnny Damon have played with New England’s beloved ball club. Sports historian Robert W. Cohen has chosen the 50 best ever to play for the Sox and profiles their exploits. Chances are you’ll find your favorite player here.

The Business of Baseball

The Business of Baseball Author Albert Theodore Powers
ISBN-10 9781476616742
Release 2003-01-02
Pages 419
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The crack of the bat, the cheering of fans and the agility and athleticism of the players are all characteristics that many people fondly associate with Major League Baseball. However, the players' strike and owners' lockout in 1994 and 1995 brought the game under great scrutiny, revealing a side of baseball that is not admirable, honorable, or enjoyable. Nor is this darker side of "America's Pastime" a recent development. The majority of problems in today's Major Leagues are a continuation of ills that have plagued organized baseball since its inception. This book examines the business of baseball, addressing its most significant problems and proposing solutions. It covers some of Major League Baseball's greatest players and their effect on the game and its business. Among the many topics analyzed are the roles of franchise owners, commissioners, and players' unions in organized baseball. The book also examines Major League ballparks and baseball fans, and considers how they are relevant to baseball as a game and a business.

The 100 Most Important Sporting Events in American History

The 100 Most Important Sporting Events in American History Author Lew Freedman
ISBN-10 9781440835759
Release 2015-11-12
Pages 385
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This engaging and informative work highlights the 100 biggest moments in the history of American sports, illustrating powerful connections between sporting events and significant social issues of the time. • Features a timeline highlighting major sports events over time • Includes a list of additional reading resources for each entry • Covers most every sport including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, horse racing, motorsport, and others • Supports common core standards for literacy

Quit Whining and Start Selling

Quit Whining and Start Selling Author Kelly S. Riggs
ISBN-10 9780984524518
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 276
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Why should I buy from you? It's what potential customers ask salespeople who come calling, and it's what you want to know as you decide whether or not to purchase Quit Whining and Start SELLING! The answer for the book is simple: sales books tend to fall into three categories - motivational, theoretical, or ideas-you-can-use-today-to-immediately-increase-your-sales. Quit Whining and Start SELLING! falls into that third category - 48 chapters with dynamic take-aways that will help you create your very own competitive sales advantage. No theory. No rah-rah. Just powerful and field-proven selling principles that will vault your career into the top 5% of your industry. Written by a two-time National Salesperson of the Year, veteran sales coach, and successful entrepreneur, Quit Whining and Start SELLING! is easy-to-read, extraordinarily practical, and packed with ideas and mission-critical concepts not readily found in other sales guides: competitive advantages, the sales process, defending margins, territory management, strategic sales planning, and a host of other specific skills that will allow you to dramatically improve your skills. In this book, you will learn how to: 1. Identify and close more high-value, high-probability opportunities. 2. Consistently win more deals at better margins. 3. Forcefully differentiate your product or service. 4. Create a more powerful and compelling sales presentation. 5. Gain control of your most valuable resource - your time. 6. Use the principles of 1-on-1 SellingTM to crush your goals and outperform the competition.

Baseball Prodigies

Baseball Prodigies Author Charles F. Faber
ISBN-10 9781476613536
Release 2014-02-12
Pages 256
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This is a book about baseball players who performed in the major leagues before the age of 21. For years the dream of many boys has been to enter the world of professional sports. Out of millions of boys who have played baseball, over 17,000 have appeared in major league contests. Among them were hundreds who made their debut before their 21st birthday. However, most of these appeared in only a few games. Only 284 young men have played at least one season as a regular before or during the season in which they reached the age of 21. They are the subjects of this book. The text is divided into three parts. Part One deals with the careers of the ten prodigies who had the most productive seasons at the bat. Part Two discusses the ten young pitchers who had the most fruitful seasons on the mound (or in the pitcher's box.) Part Three provides short sketches of the 172 players with at least five eligible seasons who do not rank among the above twenty prodigies. Data on the 92 players with at least one but fewer than five eligible seasons are given in an appendix.