My Turn at Bat

My Turn at Bat Author Ted Williams
ISBN-10 9780671634230
Release 1988-03-15
Pages 320
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The author recounts his baseball career, both as a player and as a manager, and reflects on his accomplishments as a sports fisherman.

My Turn at Bat

My Turn at Bat Author Claude Brochu
ISBN-10 9781770900295
Release 2002-05
Pages 250
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After 32 years, Montreal will soon lose its professional baseball team. The former president of the Expos explains how the team went from being one of major league baseball's most promising franchises to becoming a financial pariah, barely escaping extinction at the end of the 2001 season and now facing demise in 2002. This history of the team's troubled existence covers years of gradually declining revenue and attendance, the sale of the team to a consortium of business leaders in 1991, and the league's ongoing debate over eliminating the Expos once and for all.

Selected from My Turn at Bat

Selected from  My Turn at Bat Author Ted Williams
ISBN-10 0929631579
Release 1992
Pages 63
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Selected from My Turn at Bat has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Selected from My Turn at Bat also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Selected from My Turn at Bat book for free.

Hardcore Diaries

Hardcore Diaries Author Mick Foley
ISBN-10 9781847395917
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 384
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What does it feel like to fall through a flaming table for the very first time? Or the umpteenth time for that matter. In the fresh off-the-cuff style that has earned him legions of admirers and made his previous wrestling books massive worldwide bestsellers, Foley gives readers a blow-by-blow first-hand account of exactly what it is like to step into the wrestling ring. As a champion wrestler he was known both for his tenacity in the ring and for the fearlessness which led him to take extraordinary risks in any number of groundbreaking dangerous stunts. And as an industry insider he offers a unique perspective on what it was like to perform at that level which readers will never find anywhere else. In HARDCORE DIARIES Mick Foley will take fans right inside a hardcore match, vividly recreating his experiences, and revealing how mentally and physically preparing for this extremely challenging sport has helped him become the legend he is today.

Stuffy a Short Novel

Stuffy  a Short Novel Author Jim Connor
ISBN-10 9780595275571
Release 2003-05-01
Pages 108
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These are coming of age stories whether the characters portrayed are in seventh grade, seniors in high school, productive adults or senior citizens in a retirement home. Whether we are the young learning to face life or the elderly learning to face death we are all continually coming of age.

Mystic Bat

Mystic Bat Author Bob Whetstone
ISBN-10 9781105625091
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 194
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Fourteen year-old Buck is selected as batboy for his town's first professional baseball team. He finds an old baseball bat that talks to him, guiding him through each game and making one player the team's leading batter. Buck's inside view of players' comical antics and shenanigans are much fun until be becomes a target for their pranks. He becomes disenchanted with the business end of baseball toward the end of the season and considers giving up his job as batboy. His best friends Tad and Peggy Sue threaten to desert him until he reveals the secret of his mystic bat. The background of the story set in the 1940's is an authentic view of bush league baseball in the South.

The Kid

The Kid Author Bill Nowlin
ISBN-10 1579400949
Release 2005
Pages 359
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Ted Williams was a giant of a man, the likes of whom America may never see again. Enshrined in Cooperstown in 1966, in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Ted Williams was also the first living athlete to be honored with his own Museum - the Ted Williams Museum and Hitter's Hall of Fame.

Double Play

Double Play Author Sara Cassidy
ISBN-10 9781459403802
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 128
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Allie loves baseball. It's the one thing that has been consistent in her lately complicated life. Allie's father left recently, and now Allie has a new family -- her mother's new girlfriend, Phyllis, and son Miles have moved in. It's taking some adjustment, mostly because Miles seems determined to get under her skin. Things start looking up when Allie gets invited to join the boy's baseball team as their new pitcher. But then Miles announces he's quitting the boy's team and tries out for Allie's old team -- a girl's team! Allie is sure he's doing it just to annoy her, but Miles insists that he just likes the girl's style of play better. As Allie struggles to find her place on the boy's team, she starts to see that Miles is just trying to fit in as well, and that it may be even harder for him than it has been for her.

Life Al Dente

Life Al Dente Author Gina Cascone
ISBN-10 9780743486415
Release 2003-07-22
Pages 208
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With the irreverence, gutsy spirit, and warmhearted hilarity that made Pagan Babies a classic, here is the Italian-American experience served up by the author who has been crowned the Patron Saint of Humor. Before the Sopranos, there were the Cascones....Life al Dente, the new memoir from the author of Pagan Babies, brings the same wit and wonder to the telling of Gina Cascone's Italian-American girlhood...well, boyhood actually. In an Italian family, few things are a greater handicap than being born female, but Gina's Dad generously decided to overlook this shortcoming and raise Gina as a boy -- the son he always wanted. As lawyer to numerous "alleged" mobsters, Dad had some colorful clients who would regularly gather around the basement pool table to talk business, drink, and be hustled by junior high Gina. There was no way Gina was going to turn into one of the big hair girls of Italian-American stereotype, but her journey would have all the bumps that come with that cherished immigrant ambition of moving from steerage to the suburbs in three generations. That sense of dislocation came early for Gina as her family moved from the kind of neighborhood where old men play bocce and the pet frogs are named Nunzio to one where Barbies and frozen food prevail. And though Gina's brains got her into the top high school, she quickly made the lonely discovery that she was the only one there whose name ended in a vowel. In our overly pasteurized and homogenized world, there's a real hunger to find and celebrate our connection to old world roots and traditions. Life al Dente abounds in hilarious stories, but also rewards readers with a genuine and poignant contemplation of cultural identity.

From The Outhouse To The Moon

From The Outhouse To The Moon Author Cliff LeCleir
ISBN-10 9781453580080
Release 2010-11-03
Pages 303
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It was July 20, 1969, I was mesmerized by what I was seeing on TV. The space module Eagle had just landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong, one of America’s astronauts was about to be the first man to walk on the moon. My mind was whirling back twenty years to my childhood. It was a time when we lived without electricity or running water. A much simpler time, but one filled with the excitement of experiencing life in “The Olden Days,” yet caught up in the explosive change of the future. Did you ever wonder what was it like in “The Good Ole Days?” Before electricity, shopping malls, computers, and i-pods? You will find out how simple things like bath night, a bag of pretzels, searching the swamp for a Christmas tree, and driving over a wood plank bridge can be an exciting adventure. Each story will draw you in and bring you in touch with a bygone era. Journey with me back to 1945, which, at the age of three, is my earliest memory, and we will go - - - - "From The Outhouse To The Moon."

Missed it by that Much

Missed it by that Much Author Vic Debs
ISBN-10 0786405082
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 242
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After hitting his then-record 60th home run of the 1927 season, Babe Ruth said, "Sixty, count 'em, sixty. Let's see some other son-of-a-bitch match that." Jimmie Foxx almost did, five years later, with an agonizingly close 58 four baggers. Here are the stories of Foxx's and 11 other near-record breaking performances: Bill Terry's 254 hits in 1930, three short of George Sisler's record 257; Elroy Face's 17 consecutive pitching victories, two short of Rube Marquard's record; and Willie Mays's 17 home runs in August of 1965, just one off Rudy York's mark for a single month, are three more of the performances detailed. Boxscores and statistical tables are provided.


THE DAYS GONE BY Author Richard Altenhoff Sr.
ISBN-10 9781477291719
Release 2012-11-21
Pages 96
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With the support of my three children, Christie, Tammy and Richard jr. and further encouragement from my niece Debbie and nephew Anthony I was finally able to finish this book. This is a true life story that contains humor, violence, and tragedy & heartbreak, stories of what it was really like to grow up in a 1950's small town. This totally non-fiction book is entertaining as well as sad. I told it as I remembered it, and wrote it exactly as it happened. I am now living in Crystal Lake, Il. and am a proud grandfather of 6 girls and 3 boys and cannot wait for them to read this.

Happy As the Grass Was Green

Happy As the Grass Was Green Author Catherine McColl
ISBN-10 9781412011204
Release 2003
Pages 385
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This humorous personal memoir recounts events in the life of a young girl growing up with her family of homesick British immigrants in a southwest Ontario village during WWII.

The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season Author Donald Honing
ISBN-10 9781615780099
Release 2009-02-16
Pages 296
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If you were much of a boy growing up in the Maspeth section of Queens in the late 1930s and 1940s, you had the baseball fever. It seemed contagious, but it struck mostly from within. . . . Often, in later years, when I was writing a long series of books on the game, some well-intended philistine would ask to have explained to him the fascination with baseball. I offered my stock answer: 'If you have to ask the question, you'll never understand the answer.' With this small confession Donald Honig begins his charming memoir of a life devoted to the charms of baseball, including the many great figures of the game he has known in the past half-century. Mr. Honig brings to these tales his characteristic intelligence and wit, a passion for the integrity of the game, and a gift for creating memorable images from little-known episodes as well as those never-to-be-forgotten moments in baseball history.

Snake Music A Detroit Memoir

Snake Music  A Detroit Memoir Author J. Patrick Reilly
ISBN-10 9781105925122
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 390
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Snake Music is a coming-of-age story set in the 1940s and 1950s in an inner-city Catholic neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. The author, J. Patrick Reilly, describes his struggles to cope with his mother's near-fatal descent into mental illness, his father's alcoholism and early death, his family's desperate financial straits, and a devastating accident that crippled him for several years. In the midst of these challenges, Snake Music shows the redeeming power of a loving mother, good humor, and a love for music. Reilly reveals an old and terrible family secret and its multigenerational consequences, while telling his own story through the eyes of the boy he was at each stage of his memoir. Snake Music makes the reader laugh out loud, and sometimes cry.

Dusty Waters

Dusty Waters Author Laura J. W. Ryan
ISBN-10 9780982491621
Release 2009-03-21
Pages 332
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For three years after Dad's death, his ghost remained seated at the kitchen table, puzzling over why no one but me could see him.


CRABAPPLE BLOSSOMS and New Beginnings Author Grace Young Smith and Sue Young Hunter
ISBN-10 9781499014839
Release 2014-05
Pages 476
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"Crabapple Blossoms" draws you into the warm rhythms of Georgia farm life as the Depression came and went. Grace Smith and Sue Hunter skillfully capture the sounds and sights of tobacco cultivation and harvest, games children played using only their imaginations, humorous interactions with family and friends, country church services and funerals for pets. the sisters' account of a time at Berry College illustrates the unique nature of the school where sewing and tractor driving could be part of earning tuition--of a place where young people from farm families could learn skills and earn degrees that would open a new world to them. the stories of teaching school vividly present the problems in the days of few standards, a front row seat for what racial integration meant and some frank--and sometimes sardonic--observations of the often illogical curriculum reforms that will be familiar to anyone who taught or sat in a classroom during the last half century. "In 'Crabapple Blossoms,' Grace Smith and Sue Hunter bring the world of girlhood days on a Georgia tobacco farm, college days at Berry and teaching careers to life. with humor, honesty and style, they tell a unique story--one that captures the changing South in context of school, church and family." --W. Winston Skinner, Newnan, Ga. Writer and historian